Thursday, December 9, 2010


On Monday I had to audition for a lead part in the school play!AHHHH!  I was so scared but I did a great job.  The day after that the callback list was up.  I got a callback for the lead!  I think that that is really cool. So today after school we had the callbacks. (so scared!)  I did great and the directors would not stop complementing my singing!  That made me happy.  There is one more callback and we will find out who gets the callback tomorrow.  I don't know if I even want to look!  I really want this part and if I don't get it I will be bummed out.  The play is Guys and Dolls.  Luckily I know what the play is about because we rented it from the library but I am still scared about the audition.  I know that this is not about horses but I need to tell THE WORLD!!! Ha ha just kidding!  All the girls that were in the callback were amazing and I hope I was too!  There was a girl there that is always in the play because she loves to act and she is really good at it.  I was so happy when she said that I was amazing.  That made me feel very very good about myself.  I am so scared to see who will get in the next callback and I hope it will be me!

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