Saturday, January 15, 2011

Horse show!

Sorry I have not written in a while but I just finnished a horse show at my barn.  I am so happy.  I entered in 3 devisions and got 1st place in two of them and 2nd place in the other one.  The first devision was a walk trot canter warm up.  I was really proud of the way I cantered and trotted and walked.  But I think that I did the best in canter.  The next devision was a warm up over poles.  It was going track left and I got 1st in it.  But in the third devision that I did I felt like I did a horible job and I knew that I did.  But to my suprise I got second place!  One day before the horse show I told my self that I wanted to come home with at least one blue ribbon and I came home with two!!!  I was so happy.  In my first show at that barn I was entered into the same divisions that I was this morning and I got all 3eds and there were only 3 people.  Now I know that I improved because of my ribbions.  I am so happy.  I called my grandma and told her the news but I guess she was on facebook already because right after I got my ribbons my dad took a picture of me, my ribbons, and my horse.  I am so proud of me and so is my whole family!(exept for my brother because he really does not care.)