Friday, February 24, 2012

Jumping More!

Hey people who read my blog.  I was talking to my mom a while ago and she thinks that I am not getting any better in my riding.  I know I am but she does not think so.  She thinks that the horses i am riding are too easy for me and she wants me to have a challenge on a harder horse.  I think I am fine on the horses they have there but of course I have to listen to her.  So when we were talking about this she mentioned maybe leasing a horse just so I can get used to a challenge and get better on the one horse before moving to the next.  I would love to lease a horse but I think that it will be a ton of money.  So even though I hopefully would get better I don't want to because of the money.  I have a cousin who is an amazing rider and her mom and dad got her a horse a little while ago.  She loves her horse with all of her heart and I think that the horse loves her too.  But when I talk to her mom or dad about it they say it is a gift that keeps on costing.  Well I know that it will never stop costing them  money to own a horse.  It is a living thing and you need to take care of living things, and not to mention the time and effort it takes to own the horse.  My cousin is at the barn every night and in the summer sometimes almost all day.  I think that she is soooooo devoted to riding and she would give anything to be on a horses back.  But when we come to visit her at her house I want to play around and have fun, but after spending a day at school, doing homework, doing chores, and at the barn she is soooooo tired!!!  So back to me, I talked to my mom resently about the leasing and she thought I was crazy then I told her it was her idea and she remembered that and she said even though it was her idea she will not do it.  I am fine with it and I am happy that i will still be riding the same school horses at the hunt club.  So I have been jumping so much latley.  My coach showed  me a new way to approach the jump and I just flew over it!!!  I am so happy that I am getting even better with every lesson.  She just told me to count the strides before the jumps and then I will two-pointe at the right time and it worked perfectly!!!  That is all I have to say now thanks for reading!!! Good Bye

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I am very happy because yesterday when I was rideing i was talking to my coach about jumping oxers.  She told me that I am ready to jump them but I am not confident enough because of my big fall.  I am happy because she wants me to jump them and because she wants me to be confident that hopefully means that i will be rideing my favorite horse to jump on.  His name is Tucker and he is amazing to ride and his jump feels like he never left the ground.  I am so exited and I do like the hunt club but i do miss SpringBrook.  Good Bye For Now.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hi.  Sorry I have not typed in a while but i am here now.  So I have lots of news.  I am not riding at Springbrook any more and that is the sad thing but now i am riding at the hunt club again.  The hunt club is where i first started riding.  So i am happy to be back and there are a lot of new horses there from when i was there three years ago.  i have been doing so much to get my confidence back after my huge fall.  Oh i never told you about my fall.  well a bit ago i fell off my horse after a jump and my horse almost stepped on me but he stopped right before i was squashed.  I love that horse.  well back to what i was saying, it has been really hard to get confidence for jumping but my coach has been really helpful.  she always tells me that i cant think to much about the jump because i will just get scared but if i just think that "hey this so fun and not scary!"  i don't over think the jump and i have been getting better.  Oh and the best thing is, are you ready, are you sure, absolutely sure?  well there is a person at the hunt club who owns two horses and she wants me to exercise her horses for her!  I am so happy.  that means that i will be riding more than once a week.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  and also i can ride my bike to the hunt club so it is easy to get there!  YAY HORSES!!!!!!!!  Bye i love Horses!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yay a win!!!!!!

Cool! On Saturday I got to go to a horse show and jump in it!!!  My Mom Dad and bro. was there! It was my first time jumping in a compitition so I was a bit scared.  I also told my family to not think that i was going to get a first place ribbion.  So there were 3 classes that i was in.  A flat class and 2 jumping classes.  So in the flat class i got a second place.  I was happy with that and in the 2 jumping classes I felt like i did a horibble job so i thought i would get third but in both of them i got firsts!!!! Just like my last show 2 firsts and a second. So every one was proud of me and I was very very very very very happy!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh Famous!

Oh I am getting to be a better jumper!  There is a horse at my barn that is an up hill horse.  He has a smooth trot and a nice canter.  But the best thing about him is his jump.  So on tuesday I went to the barn and found out that I was riding a diffrent horse.  Yeah I was scared but I knew that I would like him.  Once I got on him in the arena I could feel how powerful he was.  So when he started trotting I felt at home because he was very good and so sweet.  He is a retired eventing horse so you could just tell that he would be good at jumping.  So when I got to jump him I got scared, I had seen him once in the ring with another rider jumping him and because she did not leg him in his canter he stopped right before the jump and the girl kept going so that was when I got scared of him but I knew not to feel scared on this horse.  I knew that he would be good for me.  So I jumped him the first time and he was very good so we raised the jump and got to the 4th hole on the standerd then we stopped but I loved him and when I get back on Tuesday I will ride him again!  Soooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!! The first video is of me and Cochise and the second is of Famous try and find out whitch horse is up hill and witch is down hill!  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh what to do?!

Well I went riding yesterday and it was great.  I was cantering most of the time so it was fun.  I got to jump a few times and I did well with that except that because the jump was so small he just trotted right over them.  But it was still fun.  And I might get to ride again today!  It will be fun! Bye!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Horse show!

Sorry I have not written in a while but I just finnished a horse show at my barn.  I am so happy.  I entered in 3 devisions and got 1st place in two of them and 2nd place in the other one.  The first devision was a walk trot canter warm up.  I was really proud of the way I cantered and trotted and walked.  But I think that I did the best in canter.  The next devision was a warm up over poles.  It was going track left and I got 1st in it.  But in the third devision that I did I felt like I did a horible job and I knew that I did.  But to my suprise I got second place!  One day before the horse show I told my self that I wanted to come home with at least one blue ribbon and I came home with two!!!  I was so happy.  In my first show at that barn I was entered into the same divisions that I was this morning and I got all 3eds and there were only 3 people.  Now I know that I improved because of my ribbions.  I am so happy.  I called my grandma and told her the news but I guess she was on facebook already because right after I got my ribbons my dad took a picture of me, my ribbons, and my horse.  I am so proud of me and so is my whole family!(exept for my brother because he really does not care.)