Friday, February 24, 2012

Jumping More!

Hey people who read my blog.  I was talking to my mom a while ago and she thinks that I am not getting any better in my riding.  I know I am but she does not think so.  She thinks that the horses i am riding are too easy for me and she wants me to have a challenge on a harder horse.  I think I am fine on the horses they have there but of course I have to listen to her.  So when we were talking about this she mentioned maybe leasing a horse just so I can get used to a challenge and get better on the one horse before moving to the next.  I would love to lease a horse but I think that it will be a ton of money.  So even though I hopefully would get better I don't want to because of the money.  I have a cousin who is an amazing rider and her mom and dad got her a horse a little while ago.  She loves her horse with all of her heart and I think that the horse loves her too.  But when I talk to her mom or dad about it they say it is a gift that keeps on costing.  Well I know that it will never stop costing them  money to own a horse.  It is a living thing and you need to take care of living things, and not to mention the time and effort it takes to own the horse.  My cousin is at the barn every night and in the summer sometimes almost all day.  I think that she is soooooo devoted to riding and she would give anything to be on a horses back.  But when we come to visit her at her house I want to play around and have fun, but after spending a day at school, doing homework, doing chores, and at the barn she is soooooo tired!!!  So back to me, I talked to my mom resently about the leasing and she thought I was crazy then I told her it was her idea and she remembered that and she said even though it was her idea she will not do it.  I am fine with it and I am happy that i will still be riding the same school horses at the hunt club.  So I have been jumping so much latley.  My coach showed  me a new way to approach the jump and I just flew over it!!!  I am so happy that I am getting even better with every lesson.  She just told me to count the strides before the jumps and then I will two-pointe at the right time and it worked perfectly!!!  That is all I have to say now thanks for reading!!! Good Bye

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  1. Wow, you flatter me! Although I'm sad you went skiing instead of coming up to see me for my birthday ;)
    Anywho, perhaps you could talk to your coach about maybe working in exchange for lessons? It may not be leasing, but you'd get valuable work experience, learn lots about horses, and maybe get some more riding time too! Just a thought. Keep up the good work Meow