Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hi.  Sorry I have not typed in a while but i am here now.  So I have lots of news.  I am not riding at Springbrook any more and that is the sad thing but now i am riding at the hunt club again.  The hunt club is where i first started riding.  So i am happy to be back and there are a lot of new horses there from when i was there three years ago.  i have been doing so much to get my confidence back after my huge fall.  Oh i never told you about my fall.  well a bit ago i fell off my horse after a jump and my horse almost stepped on me but he stopped right before i was squashed.  I love that horse.  well back to what i was saying, it has been really hard to get confidence for jumping but my coach has been really helpful.  she always tells me that i cant think to much about the jump because i will just get scared but if i just think that "hey this so fun and not scary!"  i don't over think the jump and i have been getting better.  Oh and the best thing is, are you ready, are you sure, absolutely sure?  well there is a person at the hunt club who owns two horses and she wants me to exercise her horses for her!  I am so happy.  that means that i will be riding more than once a week.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  and also i can ride my bike to the hunt club so it is easy to get there!  YAY HORSES!!!!!!!!  Bye i love Horses!!!!!!!

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