Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Bored!

This is sooooo boreing!  I am sitting at home on my laptop with no one to talk to!  My brother is home but who would want to talk to him?  *laugh*  I wish I was out riding!  I realy realy want to get a horse but my mom says that it is to much work!  I would give up school for a horse!(I bet anyone would)  The only reason that I am writing is that, again i say it i am bored to tears, so I will blaber on about nothing really.  Oh I have a cat that is just like a horse!  Well not realy but she can go just as fast!  She can probubaly do a race against a horse at a full gallop and win.  I am not jokeing! She is a fast cat.  What can I talk about?  Hmmm.  I will talk about my family.  I have a mom a dad and a brouther but my favorite person in the world (other than my parents that brought me into this world)  is my awesome cousin.  She has a blog and she is the very best person in the world!  I love her so much she also is a riding maniac.  She rides almost every day!  It never gets tireing for her or me! Well that is all I can think about untill tomarrow but I will probubaly get another post in about random things by the end of tonight.  Read my blog tomarrow to find out if I get into the last callback!  Ta Ta for now!

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