Thursday, December 30, 2010


I do not know what to name this post so I named it blank.  Now I just finnished reading my cousin's blog and I thought that that would be the only horsey part of my week........and it was. (see how I lead you up their thinking that I had more horse things in the rest of the week)  But every day I have been thinking about horses and I have been 'cantering' around the house and jumping over random things like a lunatic so that must count for something.  Altho I love to be like a horse with my cousin.  It is sooooo much fun!  Because I have nothing elce to talk about I will talk about horses.  They are big, strong, nice(most of them)...(if you treat them right) and they are good at running...(some of them)...(if they are the right breed).....(if you train them right.)  So that is all I want to talk about because I am getting very bored of typing so happy new year and i will try to write soon! :)

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